Blender Acrylic Concrete Sealer 30%


BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® 30% is a high solids solvent based sealer that contains acrylic copolymers, ready to be used, which seals and protects concrete against the dust and dirt penetration.
BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® 30% contains sun block, a unique additive which stands to eliminate the yellowish tint caused by sun exposition.

BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® 30% is a transparent quick-drying sealant effective on both interior and exterior surfaces.

The high content of solids and the BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® 30% film, provide protection against penetration of salts, impurities or dust from the construction and other contaminants, as long as the film of the latter maintains in good conditions.

Basic usage: BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® 30% is convenient for:
Walkways, sidewalks, patios, warehouses, office buildings, sewage treatment plants, bottling plants and other commercial and industrial applications where a positive anti-dusting seal is required. Ideal for exposed aggregate and stamped concrete. The surfaces treated with BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® 30% are compatible with most paints and tile adhesives after a suitable curing period.
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5gal, 1gal


– It won’t turn yellowish, it contains sun block that virtually eliminates yellowing caused by sunlight.
– Excellent sealing properties.
– Protects the new concrete from dust and dirt when used as recommended.
– Easy to apply formula.
– Enhances the appearance of stamped or colored concrete on concrete.
– Compatible with most tile and carpet adhesives.
– Can be removed after careful cleaning.


This product is available in containers of 5 gal (18.9 Lt). Each container is clearly identified with the name of the product and its respective batch code.

Yield:(Depending on porosity and texture)
Concrete stamped:200 ft2 / gal (5.0 m² / Lt)
Second layer:400-600 ft2 / gal (10-15 m² / Lt)
Exposed aggregate:280 ft2 / gal (7.0 m² / Lt)


• ASTM-C-309, Type1,1D
• ASTM-C-1315, Type1, Class B

Typical Properties:

Percentage of solids30% ± 2
Moisture retention test ASTM-C 309, ASTM-C-1315 @ 72hrs, kg / m² (lb / ft2)<0.4 (0.08)
Alkaline resistance (Hours)<75
Salt spray 5% @ 35 ° C (95 ° F)<1000
Ignition temperature45 ° C (14 ° F)
Drying Time @ 70 ° F (21 ° C) Dry to touch (min)
Drying, pedestrian traffic (hr.)
> 60
4 to 12
High brightness
Resistance to ultraviolet rays
1,000 hrs. (2500 angstrom) yellowing
Very light
VOC (gr / Lt)697


BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® 30% must be removed prior to the application of subsequent cementitious coatings or the application of chemical hardeners, silanes, siloxanes, urethanes or epoxy coatings.

Do not apply over surfaces with stagnant water, bituminous asphalt or resistant tiles.

It can shows tire marks when subjected to forklift traffic or any other vehicle that uses rubber wheels.

If there is an impermeable membrane at the base of the concrete or there is an increase in moisture, some discoloration may occur below the acrylic membrane, which will be evident for some time due to the slow release of the water in the concrete.

This product is not intended to be use over a concrete with reactive aggregate.

Apply over clean surfaces that allow penetration.
Do not use in areas that require solvent resistance, such as: gasoline, diesel fuel or paint thinner.

The final appearance of the concrete surface may show surface imperfections or stains.
Do not apply in freezing temperatures unless properly protected.
Do not dilute.


Contains aromatic solvents. Provide adequate ventilation. Do not inhale vapors. Wear safety glasses and gloves.

Do not apply when there are people without the respective protective measures or food present.

Do not apply near the heating air vents.

Replace exposed food during application.
Re-open the area to the public after it is free of vapors and odors.

Fuel: Keep away from heat, flames or any ignition source.
Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use.


BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® 30% containers must be kept hermetically sealed. Store in dry and cool areas at temperatures between 45°F and 85°F (7°C – 29°C). The useful life is one year when it is in its original factory packaging, tightly sealed and in proper storage condition. Do not freeze.


This product, its materials and its manufacture are warranted to be free from defects under the quality control standards in accordance with Blender Group®, S.A. de C.V.
All recommendations, statements and technical data attached are based on evidence that we believe to be reliable

and correct, but the accuracy of such evidences are not guaranteed and does not provide any guarantee, expressed or implied, including warranty of appropriate use or market respect to its products. Satisfactory results depend on many factors that go beyond Blender Group® control.

The user must rely on his own information and tests to determine the suitability of the use of the product, and user assumes all risk, loss, damage, expense and liability resulting from his direct or indirect use, or the consequences of product use. Blender Group® shall not be liable for injury, loss or damage to purchasers or third parties injured by direct or indirect use resulting from the use or inability to use the product.

The sole responsibility of Blender Group® is to replace that portion of the product that proves to be defective. Any claim for warranty must be made within six (6) months from the date of the claim. This limited warranty applies only if the product was properly installed and used in accordance with the instructions and stored properly prior to use.

For professional use only.


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