Blender Re-Cover W®


For highly resistant Applications

BLENDER Recover-W® is a mix prepared of factory, which is ready for use, It has been designed specifically for multiple vertical applications, creative uses and resistant.

Basic Use:

Recover-W®, allows the coating of walls and concrete walls, masonry walls with rustic finished (brick, block, etc.) and in compound walls of panels of gesso.
Basic use : The BLENDER MATS® can be used in concrete works such as pavements streets, avenues, sidewalks, garage floors, corridors, walkers, shopping centers, hotels, buildings and in general in areas where a concrete stamp is required.
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Its principal characteristic is that it is a formulated essentially per micrometer components, such as, aggregates, additives, fibers and cementitious. Some benefits of BLENDER® Recover-W®, are:

· Vertical Coatings with decorative finishes.
· Can be applied both indoors and outdoors, for its high weathering resistance.
· Wide range of colors and different textures.
· Excellent adhesion.
· Easy preparation and consisting of one component, only need to mix with clean water.
· Long life time. Do not discolor.
· Can be placed in thicknesses from 5mm to 20mm.
· Adheres to almost any surface, and is dimensionally stable, that is to say does not shrink, so it does not crack.
· The material maintains its volume when mixing and remains after curing. By these characteristics, their uses are varied and highly effective.
·it does no drains, so its consistency to apply, allows work on vertical surfaces without risk of discards


It is available in polyethylene bags reinforced of 25 kg, with a wide range of colors, ready for use.

Its average yield of 25 kg per package is:
– (5 mm thick, 2.5 square meters)
– (10 mm thick, 2.0 square meters)
– (15 mm thick, 1.5 square meters)
– (20 mm thickness, 1.0 square meters)

Note: Its performance can be variable, as it depends of the implementation, initial conditions wall and use of the product (Experience installer). These yields should be taken only as indicative, for do preliminary calculations of material, they shall be completed prior samples.


Walls ASTM C 1372
Packaging and Production of Dry Materials ASTM C387
Physical properties:
All tests were performed at 72 ° F (22 ° C):
Consistency Plastic / flowable
Working time 20 min.
Curing time ASTM C191:
Initial Curing 1 hour.
Final curing 8-12 hours.
Excellent weathering
Abrasion Resistance Excellent
Compressive strength of mortars ASTM C 109 28 days (82 Kg / cm2)


The surface to be treated must be free of dirt, dust, grease, paints, sealants, waterproofing or any other material that may impede adhesion. If is necessary, remove the materials that could suffer a detached and patching the surface where BLENDER® Recover-W® will apply.

Prior to the mixing and placement of BLENDER® Recover-W®, check that the vertical surface, there are no structural cracks because BLENDER® Recover-W® is a decorative vertical covering, so this product no ensures stop cracking caused by movements of the building; if so, repair cracks and respect any existing court.

Protect BLENDER® Recover-W® of rain, shock, movement and contamination with other products (salt, sugar, chlorine, oil, soap, etc.) for a period of 8-12 hrs. After its implementation, being that this period of time, the initial curing occurs and is crucial in obtaining satisfactory results.

Before any placement of BLENDER® Recover-W®, moisten the surface with water at least 10 minutes prior to installation, so it will prevent the surface to receive the mixture of BLENDER® Recover-W® this dry, and subtract moisture to react chemically and start the process of curing.


If weather conditions are low humidity and high temperature (over 30C) it is recommended to cover the areas where BLENDER® Recover-W® will apply with tarps to project shade.
Requirements mixing with water: The proportion of mixing of BLENDER® Recover-W® to be used for each of packing 25 kg, are: 4.0 to 4.5 liters of water.

Use a mixer of paddle and / or blades, preparing the mix, uniformly moisturizing the powder, mix for 3 to 5 minutes or until it reaches a uniform pasty consistency. In projects of large areas, use a mortar mixer operated by gas or a drill set of high and low speed for heavy and continuous work.

Use rubber or latex gloves. Do not mix Blender® Recover-W® with the hand. (Mix only what it can be placed in a weather 20 minutes).

In the case of walls presenting a crash or uneven walls, it is recommended to apply a first coat of Blender® Recover-W®, for this function as leveling walls. The temperature recommended for the application of Blender® Recover-W®, is between 17 ° and 30 ° C

Apply a little wet mixture of Blender® Recover-W®, about the rules or guidelines, because these guides are what give us the pattern to the desired thickness for vertical stamping. This thickness depends on the desired texture or depth of mold. Place, guides or strips on the vertical wall until to complete the desired thickness, it is recommended to advance the implementation of the vertical stamped with the amount prepared only for use within 20 min. Subsequently, we must smooth the surface for obtain a semi-smooth finish. The exact time to start stamping vertically, is when the surface lost luster, as this is caused by moisture loss may well determine making slight pressure with a finger and without this it will adhere mortar.

The molds to use previously for the vertical stamping should be slightly saturated with Mold Release Blender® (Release Agent powder color). Place the mold on to the wall, ready to stamp vertically, press on the mold to achieve penetration of reply, do the same procedure with a continuum according to the area ready to be stamped.

The mold must remain slightly saturated by Mold Release Blender® (Release Agent powder color), with this avoid the material removal and adhesion in molds therefore, a excellent replicated in your stamped. In the joints between each mold to be stamping, can be formed pinches due to a movement of mold, this can be corrected before it reaches its curing or plastic state by using the “S” tool or worm. For more information, contact one of our consultants.

When the time of curing in the vertical stamping Blender® Recover-W®,is finished, remove excess of mold release, washing with water and a soft bristle brush, to achieve the desired cleaning.

When it has completely lost all moisture from washing, proceed to seal the vertical surface with Seal-Acryl® Blender® using roller or brush, depending on the texture of the end stamping.

Blender® Recover-W®, también viene en color gris o blanco, para dar otros efectos de colores por la oxidación Blender® Natural Stain® (colorante ácido).

It contains cementitious and silica sand. Freshly mixed cement is highly alkaline and can cause itching or skin hypersensitivity. Avoid as much as possible inhalation of dust. Use protection for the skin and eyes. The use of respiratory protection and ventilation as masks is recommended. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet of the product materials (MSDS) before use.

Recover-W® Blender® must remain in a dry place to prevent water contamination.


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