Integral Color Max


It is a professional product designed to give color to the concrete or mortar throughout its mass. It contains pigments that meet the highest international quality standards and are chemically stable thus avoiding discoloration for environmental action.

– In prefabricated elements such as: Adocretos, tabicones, roof tiles, flower pot, prefabricated structures, etc.
– Concrete and all its applications
– Special mortars with cementitious base
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Weight1.1 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 7.3 in

Black, Blue, Champagne, Chocolate, Golden, Green, Iruya, Marfil, Oliva, Pearl, Plumb, Red, Sand, Silver, White, Yellow


– Coatings and decorative finishes
– It can be used indoors and outdoors
– Different colors
– Easy to integrate into the mass of concrete or mortar
– Long duration
– Zero waste
– In the proper proportions not damage the consistency of concrete

Color max: It can be placed in different proportions ranging from 3% and should not exceed 10% by weight of the amount of cement contained in the mixture to be colored.


Once it has calculated the exact amount to be applied (which depends on the required positioning), the amount that is involved in cement mixture and once the concrete has been made directly drain the revolvedora COLOR MAX. COLORMAX mix for minimum of 5 minutes to obtain a uniform color.
Avoid adding more water into the revolvedora once it has been emptied COLOR MAX.

Use traditional methods for concrete curing, they can be water or water-based curators, avoid the use of plastics on the surface to cure.


Avoid as much as possible inhalation of dust. Use protection for the skin and eyes. The use of respiratory protection for skin and eyes is recommended

You should remain in a dry place to prevent water contamination. It has a useful life of one year when it is in the original bag factory, hermetically sealed and in appropriate storage conditions


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