Deccofloor 500


The stamped concrete is so versatile that with the help of the BLENDER MATS® line, you can create a variety of surfaces Whether for residential, commercial and industrial construction. The BLENDER MATS® line is used by the experts in stamped concrete, since with them they can create surfaces with appearances of great beauty and realism both indoor and outdoor areas.
The BLENDER MATS® line offers more than 50 different designs that are able to transmit the most real aspect of different natural textures, such as stones, rocks, bricks among many more surfaces.
Basic use : The BLENDER MATS® can be used in concrete works such as pavements streets, avenues, sidewalks, garage floors, corridors, walkers, shopping centers, hotels, buildings and in general in areas where a concrete stamp is required.
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– Low Cost
– High resistance to chemical abrasion
– Fast Dry
– One Coat
– No sand needed
– Waterproof 

– High mechanical resistance 

– UV Stable 

– Driveways
– Parking Lots
– Commercial Stores
– Warehouses
– Playgrounds
– Backyards
– Schools
– Malls


SURFACE PREPARATION: The surface should be clean and dry. For a propper application, moisten the surface with Deccofloor Primer is recommended.
PRE-APPLICATION: In a clean bucket pour the material and add water up to the 25%-30% ratio, mix the product with a low revolution driller (300-500 rpm) for at least 3 minutes, let it stand for 10 minutes and then stir it again for 2 more minutes until get a uniform mixture.
APPLICATION: Apply at least 1 coat of Deccofloor 500 stirring it with a stain steel trowel (also an squeegee may be used). Only sand if you want to get a more flatted finished. Apply Deccofloor Eco Seal uniformly is recommended for better results.
COVERAGE: Up to 350 sq ft per coat (average). Coverage rates may vary depending on a surface porosity, texture, the application method and other local conditions.
PACKAGING: 48 lbs bucket.

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