Concrete Overlay Deccofloor MicroQuartz


Deccofloor MicroQuartz is a one-component high-strength decorative polymer topping system
available in various colors and decorative aggregates. It is fast drying and suitable for both
horizontal and vertical applications. The system is comprised of a primer (optional), aggregate
body coat, and clear top coat (optional). It is applied 1/16 to 1/8 inch thick and can be finished smooth or textured for slip resistance.
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• Available in 15 Signature Color Blends
• Designed for interior and exterior applications
• Low VOC system (<100 g/l)
• UV resistant
• Excellent resistance to chemicals and water
• Provides a seamless joint free surface
• Meets USDA/FDA guidelines
• Provides a decorative surface resistance to slipping


For new concrete, allow 28 days to cure before applying Deccofloor MicroQuartz.
1. Always wear proper personal safety equipment when working with Deccofloor MicroQuartz
including safety glasses and gloves. Protect all exposed skin from contact.
2. Surfaces must be cleaned and properly prepared prior to application.
3. Surfaces must be free of all oil, solvents, dirt, paint, and other contamination
4. Concrete must be structurally sound. All loose material must be removed and cracks filled
with a concrete crack repair system.
5. A prepared porous and clean surface is mandatory for proper adhesion. Mechanical surface
preparation with a grinder or other similar equipment is recommended. A minimum Concrete
Surface Profile (CSP) #3 is recommended. Contact for CSP information.

1. In case of non-porous surface apply Deccofloor Primer. If the surface has the minimum CSP
#3 this step can be avoided
2. Open Deccofloor MicroQuartz container and mix well for 1 – 2 minutes to assure aggregate is
well mixed and there are no clumps or settled material on the bottom of the container.
3. Apply the Deccofloor MicroQuartz with a trowel, squeegee or hopper gun. Deccofloor
MicroQuartz is typically applied in one coat, but a second coat can be applied after the initial
coat is dry to the touch.
4. Deccofloor MicroQuartz can be applied to a thickness ranging from 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch. For
a smooth finish, trowel the surface while the material is still wet. For a rough stone appearance,
texture the material during application with a trowel or broom. Various methods can be used to
provide texture. 5. Allow the material to dry for 4-6 hours before light traffic and 24 hours for
regular traffic. Temperature and humidity will affect dry times.
6. The treated area should be protected from rain or moisture for 6 hours after installation.
Work must cease in inclement weather such as rain or temperatures below 45 °F.
7. Use warm water and soap to remove any Deccofloor MicroQuartz from tools or other
surfaces prior to the product drying. Once Deccofloor MicroQuartz dries it is extremely difficult
to remove. Strong solvents like Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) or Xylene are required to remove
dried material.


Coverage Rate
• Quartz Aggregate: 25 sq. ft. per gallon
Shelf Life
Deccofloor MicroQuartz has a shelf life of one year if stored in an air tight container and
temperature controlled environment. Store product indoors, away from heat and direct
sunlight. Do not allow product to freeze or dry out.
Deccofloor MicroQuartz a proprietary product, is warranted to be of uniform quality within
manufacturing tolerances. Since control is not exercised over its use, no warranty, expressed
or implied, is made as to the effects of such use. Seller’s and manufacturer’s obligation under
this warranty shall be limited to refunding the purchase price of that portion of the material
proven to be defective. The user assumes all other risks and liabilities resulting from use of this
product. If you have any questions, please contact Bluetrade Building Materials, Inc


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