Concrete Overlay Deccofloor Oxytop


Deccofloor Oxytop is a two-component Iron based coating, designed following the latest trends in architecture and interior design, giving a rusty natural look over your walls.

Deccofloor Oxytop is a conglomerate of different organic resins and iron powder.

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– Insensitive to marine atmospheres.
– Insensitive to acids rains (sulphurous vapour).
– Resistant to carbonic pollution.

– Resist alkaline and acidic solutions.


– Resistant to UV radiation

– Density in paste 2.3 kg/l.

– Preserves its properties at extreme temperatures (-30o C. to +60o C.)

– Waterproofing


DECCOFLOOR OXYTOP can be apply in many different surfaces indoors and outdoors
– Cement substrates

– Smooth and clean concretes surfaces.
– Plaster board
– Fiber cements board
– Boards or conglomerates woods
– Metallic boards.
The substrate must be clean, and free of dust and impurities


1 COAT OF DECCOFLOOR PRIMER : To enhance and control the absorption of the substrate.
1 COAT OF DECCOFLOOR OXYTOP: Apply at least one coat with stainless steel trowel.
 No apply under +5C neither up to 45C. Can be sanded for a smooth finished.
2 or 3 coats of Deccofloor EcoSeal (recommended)


Up to 100 sq ft per coat
Component A 12 kg
Component B 5,5 Liters


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