Microfiber for Concrete Blender®


FIBERCON MICROFIBER is a polypropylene fiber in the form of multifilaments (loose fibres), designed specifically as a secondary reinforcement in concrete and mortars, its main purpose is to reduce cracking due to plastic contraction in fresh state and temperature in hardened state concrete.
FIBERCON MICROFIBER fibers are made of 100% virgin polypropylene and treated with a dispersant, so its distribution in concrete
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Weight1.35 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4.5 × 8 in


Concrete plastic:
– Reduces plastic contraction cracking.
– Reduces segregation.
– It reduces the water bleeding.
– It is a three-dimensional reinforcement when compared to the bi-dimensional electrowelded mesh.
Hardened concrete:
– Reduces cracking by temperature.
– Reduces the permeability.
– It increases the resistance to bending. (Being the rupture module substantially higher).
– Increases resistance to direct tension.
– It increases the shear and torsion resistance.
– Increases resistance to impact.
– Reduces the cost of placement, compared with concrete with electrowelded mesh.
– Allows quicker unmolding.
– Easy to use, since you can add it to the concrete mixture at any time, either in dosing plant or in the concrete stirrer arriving to the site.
– A clean and polished surface (“fuzz free “); unlike other fibers which by their shape (fibrillated) do not disperse as easily and leave surfaces entirely “hairy”.


• Polypropylene material – 100% Virgin
• Fiber length – 19 mm (3⁄4 “)
• Denier – 3
• Number of fibers – 90 million / m3
• Type of fiber – multifilament
• Specific gravity – 0.9
• Density – 48.5 kg/m3
• Color – natural
• Absorption – zero
• Tension resistance – 5,626 kg/cm2
• Module of elasticity – 38,690 kg/cm2
• Ignition point – 590°C (1094°F)
• Melting point – 160°C-163°C (320-325°C)
• Thermal conductivity – Low
• Electrical conductivity – Low
• Resistance to salinity – High
• Resistance to acid – High

NORMAL DOSAGE. 600 Gr. / m3
100 gr. / bag

Product Presentation:
FIBERCON MICROFIBER comes in bags of 600 gr for a cubic meter of concrete and 100 gr bags for a sack of cement.

Directions for use:
FIBERCON MICROFIBER can be added at any time, either in the ready-mix concrete plant or when the truck reached the work, after taking the slump. The presentation in the form of multifilament (loose fibers) and by having a dispersant, it only requires a minimum of 3-5 minutes of mixing to maximum speed to ensure full dispersion and homogeneity.
In dry concrete mixtures it is recommended a longer mixing time since clumping can occur.
Precautions: FIBERCON MICROFIBER is designed to act as a reinforcement by temperature, and must not be used to replace structural steel.


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