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BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® is a system which add color and change the physical appearance of the concrete in horizontal and vertical surfaces because it acts with chemical reactions without alter and physical characteristics.

BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® will give color to the concrete surfaces, enhances its natural appearance and creates
Special effects over the concrete.

Basic use: it’s for any type of cementitous surfaces like floors, walls, columns, concrete furniture, back plashes and bathrooms. Apply indoors and outdoor areas with caution.
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Weight8.44 lbs
Dimensions6.5 × 7 × 7.5 in


BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® is an economic choice to change the coloring and the appearance of the concrete and it leaves the natural stones appearance like the marble and granite.

− It can be used in a artistic manner giving the concrete a different conception.
− It can be used by non professional hands.
− It can be created geometrical shapes, letters, numbers, etc.
− BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® penetrates the surface of the concrete so it achieves a permanent coloration that can be reduced with the natural wear of the concrete if it is not protected with sealers, densifiers, hardeners or waxes. Blender Group ® offers you the appropriate product to care these kind of surface.


BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® is presented in plastic containers. 1 gal (3.8 Lt) of product it will cover around 430 ft2 (40 m2) for each layer. Dilution can change, it can be 1:1 or more depending on the desired intensity.


Preparation: the concrete must be clean and sound and free of dust, sealers, paints, coatings, grease or other foreign component. If is necessary , use mechanical treatments to open porosity and remove contaminants.

Application: Apply BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® over the concrete surface. Depending of the concrete porosity can be used a brush, sponge or sprayer with plastic implemets. If it is necessary, it can be apply a second layer to get a specific appearance. You should allow each coat to dry for 24 hours.

Cleaning: Once the last application has dry, must rinse all the residues and salts with a soft brush and water or with a damp mop.

Neutralization: To neutralize the surface mix 18 oz (500 gr) of baking soda into a bowl with 5 gal (18.9 Lt) of water, apply this solution in the clean surface with a soft brush or with a mop without leaving puddles.

Sealing: Once the surface is completely dry and to extend the useful life of the BLENDER NATURAL STAIN®, seal the surface with one of the sealers of the Blender line: BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® 30% or BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® WB.


In colors like Forest, Blue Stone and Lime Green, it’s not recommended for use outdoors or in places where there is exposure to the sun and humidity as they generate dark spots.

It is recommended to make a previous application in a small area of the project to verify that the desired hue is contained resulting from the chemical reaction of the product with the concrete.

For better results, the concrete must have a curing time of 15 days.

For a better penetration of the product it is advisable to apply with the ixtle brush of soft acid resistant bristles in circles until the effervescence of the product ceases.
Avoid any puddles.


The main components of BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® consist of a mixture of acids which can cause eye and skin irritation; always wear suitable clothing, lenses, face mask and protective gloves. In case of contact of BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® with the skin, rinse the contact area with plenty of water or with a solution of 0.2 oz (5 gr) of diluted sodium bicarbonate in 1 qt (1 Lt) of water.

Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use.


BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® should remain in a cool place. BLENDER NATURAL STAIN® has shelf life of 3 years when in its original sealed packaging.


This product, its materials and its manufacture are warranted to be free from defects under the quality control standards in accordance with Blender Group®, S.A. de C.V.
All recommendations, statements and technical data attached are based on evidence that we believe to be reliable and correct, but the accuracy of such evidences are not guaranteed and does not provide any guarantee, expressed or implied, including warranty of appropriate use or market respect to its products. Satisfactory results depend on many factors that go beyond Blender Group® control.

The user must rely on his own information and tests to determine the suitability of the use of the product, and user assumes all risk, loss, damage, expense and liability resulting from his direct or indirect use, or the consequences of product use. Blender Group® shall not be liable for injury, loss or damage to purchasers or third parties injured by direct or indirect use resulting from the use or inability to use the product.

The sole responsibility of Blender Group® is to replace that portion of the product that proves to be defective. Any claim for warranty must be made within six (6) months from the date of the claim. This limited warranty applies only if the product was properly installed and used in accordance with the instructions and stored properly prior to use.

For professional use only.


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