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BLENDEREBOND® is a versatile emulsion of acrylic polymers, it can be used as an adhesive or to prepare mixtures with Portland cement in order to enhance the flex resistance, traction and mix paste.
BLENDEREBOND® is a white milky emulsion which act as regulator in the absorption of the substrate achieving an excellent adhesion.
Basic use: BLENDEREBOND® enables an improved adhesion in cement based materials, such as: concrete pavements, stuccos, stone flooring, ceramic tile to heal structurally the concrete , gypsum and masonry.
As an adhesion agent: BLENDEREBOND® helps with adhesion repairs, initials preparations and improvements made of concrete in floors, pavements, roads , stairs, concrete walls, cement grouts and stuccos.
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Weight46.29 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 15 in


− It can be used as an adhesive for concrete.
− Improve the adhesion between cement based materials.
− Easy to use and great benefits in your mixtures.


BLENDEREBOND® is available in containers of one gallon (3,8Lt) 5 gallons (18,9Lt) and 55 gallons (208Lt). Each
container is identified with the name of the product and its respective batch code.

Performance as an adhesion agent:
Depend on the porosity and texture of surface.

Porous concrete:200 – 300 ft2/gallon
(5 – 7.5 m²/lt)
Smooth concrete:300 – 400 ft2/gallon
(7.5 – 10 m²/lt)

Performance as a mixture:

In repairs with smooth or flat surfaces, add concentred BLENDEREBOND® directly to the mixture.
In the case of concrete with porous surfaces and / or abrasive surfaces, prepare preferably one mix of BLENDEREBOND® for each 2 parts of water.

• ASTM-C-1059,Type II
• ASTM-C-1042,Type II
• ASTM-C-1583
• MIL-B-19235 (docks) adhesive compound
• GSA Specification for adhesives of glue
• Fulfils requirements VOC


Preparation: All surfaces must be clean, not peeling and dust- free, paraffin based cures, oils, dirt, efflorescence, mold or loose materials.
Tarnish all shining surfaces preferably by an abrasive mechanism, in order to derive an open-pored surface and improve the adhesion of the mixture.

Application methods: Remove the excess or water saturation before the BLENDEREBOND® application. Apply BLENDEREBOND® using a handle brush, sprinkler or a roller leaving a thin and continuous layer. For best results do not allow BLENDEREBOND® dry thoroughly before emptying the concrete mixture and / or mortar mixture on the surface.

Pre-wet thorough all surfaces with clear water (residue – free) until obtain a dry and prepared surface to reduce the absorption


● The BLENDEREBOND® application temperature should be above 40°F (4°C).
● Do not expose BLENDEREBOND® to direct contact with water saturation when it is freshly applied.
● Protect the BLENDEREBOND® film from dust or other contaminants until the coating is completely installed.
● Do not allow the film or the mixture to dry before placing the repair mortar or coating.
● The surfaces to which BLENDEREBOND® will be applied must be clean and structurally sound.


Avoid freezing this product. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Use skin and eye protection. Do not consume this product.

Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use


BLENDEREBOND® must be hermetically sealed in a clean and dry place, it is very important the temperature remains
between 45-100°F (7°C-36°C). BLENDEREBOND® has an useful life of one year when it is in its original packaging, hermetically sealed and the recommended storage conditions are met. Do not allow this product to freeze.


This product, its materials and its manufacture are warranted to be free from defects under the quality control standards in accordance with Blender Group®, S.A. de C.V.
All recommendations, statements and technical data attached are based on evidence that we believe to be reliable and correct, but the accuracy of such evidences are not guaranteed and does not provide any guarantee, expressed or implied, including warranty of appropriate use or market respect to its products. Satisfactory results depend on many factors that go beyond Blender Group® control.

The user must rely on his own information and tests to determine the suitability of the use of the product, and user assumes all risk, loss, damage, expense and liability resulting from his direct or indirect use, or the consequences of product use. Blender Group® shall not be liable for injury, loss or damage to purchasers or third parties injured by direct or indirect use resulting from the use or inability to use the product.

The sole responsibility of Blender Group® is to replace that portion of the product that proves to be defective. Any claim for warranty must be made within six (6) months from the date of the claim. This limited warranty applies only if the product was properly installed and used in accordance with the instructions and stored properly prior to use.

For professional use only.


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