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The BLENDER RELEASE AGENT® contain a releasing agent made especially as a humid barrier between the stamped patterns and the fresh concrete surface facilitating the separation of flexible tools. It is a dusty powder that is applied over the BLENDER COLOR HARDENER® before applying the mats. The BLENDER RELEASE AGENT® with color contains iron oxide pigments . Use only on Stamped or Textured concrete.

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Weight20 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 7 in


− Must be applied over Stamped or Texturized concrete.
− Provides a special barrier to avoid the suction of the mats over the concrete.
− Enhances the concrete ¨look¨ providing a contrasting effect shades.
− There are a variety of colors that give such contrasts.

The darkest coloration applied over the BLENDER COLOR HARDENER® emphasizes the most profound texture and lines in the concrete.


BLENDER RELEASE AGENT® is available in reinforced cardboard boxes of 19.8 lb (9Kg). The standard range of application of the BLENDER RELEASE AGENT® is from 860 to 1,075 ft²/box of 19.8 lb (80 to 100 m²/box of 9Kg), that is to say 107 ft² (10m²) per container of 60 lb (27Kg). Consult the local representative of Blender Group® for a specific recommendation in order to satisfy your individual needs.


Preparation: All the surrounding areas must be protected from tainted spots from the resulting powder from the application method. It is recommended to use plastic coverings.

Slab preparation: After applying all of the BLENDER COLOR HARDENER® and once the bleeding has stopped spread BLENDER RELEASE AGENT®.

Application Process: This is a fine powder material, therefore it is recommended to use a powder protective mask to prevent its inhalation. Once the container is open, pour into another clean and dry container with which allow the material not to accumulate or compact. Apply briefly over the surface spreading manually in ranges or similar volumes and always around no more than 15 in (40 cm) of the surface to avoid performance drops. Have special precaution under windy conditions. More than one hand will be required and performances may obtain no more than 860-1,075 ft²/box of 19.8 lb (80-100m²/box of 9Kg).

Washing: At least 24 hrs after the concrete has settled, remove the excess using a brush or broom (avoid reusing the product due to dust and dirt contamination from the workplace). Wash with pressure washer or with an abundant water current until the coloration of the selected Desmoldante has been lessened. Avoid washing all of the desmoldante since this is what adds contrast to the Stamped Concrete surface, unless you consider otherwise.

Curing Process: If it is not a Stamped Concrete resort to the curing process of the surface for known methods.

(Consult the local Blender Group® representative for further instructions)


After washing the surface allow that the slab to dry completely to subsequently seal the surface with one of the Sealers in the Blender line such as BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® 30% or BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® WB, with such products you will protect your floor and it’s coloration.


BLENDER RELEASE AGENT® contain very fine powder, do not add cement, sand, aggregates, or mixtures to the product. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Use skin and eye protection. Do not consume this product. Avoid direct inhalation and if used for long periods of time it is recommendable to use respiratory protection, such as masks and screens.

Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use.


BLENDER RELEASE AGENT® must remain in a dry place to avoid water contamination. BLENDER RELEASE AGENT® has a service life in storage of 18 months inside it’s original sealed package.


This product, its materials and its manufacture are warranted to be free from defects under the quality control standards in accordance with Blender Group®, S.A. de C.V.
All recommendations, statements and technical data attached are based on evidence that we believe to be reliable and correct, but the accuracy of such evidences are not guaranteed and does not provide any guarantee, expressed or implied, including warranty of appropriate use or market respect to its products. Satisfactory results depend on many factors that go beyond Blender Group® control.

The user must rely on his own information and tests to determine the suitability of the use of the product, and user assumes all risk, loss, damage, expense and liability resulting from his direct or indirect use, or the consequences of product use. Blender Group® shall not be liable for injury, loss or damage to purchasers or third parties injured by direct or indirect use resulting from the use or inability to use the product.

The sole responsibility of Blender Group® is to replace that portion of the product that proves to be defective. Any claim for warranty must be made within six (6) months from the date of the claim. This limited warranty applies only if the product was properly installed and used in accordance with the instructions and stored properly prior to use.

For professional use only.


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