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The BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® WB is a acrylic solution that is waterborne with low-odor characteristics. It has a white appearance that when dried forms a bright transparent film that is highly resistant.

Being an acrylic copolymer based solution that goes perfectly on concrete surfaces that protects against dust development, impurities, pollutants and a wide variety of smooth chemicals.
BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® WB is a fast-drying sealer and is quite effective on interior surfaces as well as exterior surfaces.

Basic Use: BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® WB is recommended to be used where a low odor is required and/or where the compliance of VOC requires are necessary in applications where a sealer is needed as well as a positive action against the penetration of liquids.

It is for the use in places like: Patios, garages, hallways, storages, platforms, buildings, roads, food processing and packaging plants, basically any concrete based surface. The surfaces treated with BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® WB are compatible with the majority of adhesives and paints after a cured period of at least 7 days.
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Additional information

Weight43.89 lbs
Dimensions9.5 × 9.5 × 13.5 in


− Low-odor.
− Excellent sealer properties.
− Comply with VOC requirements.
− Protects concrete from impurities and the pollutants that exist in the workplace.
− Easy to apply.
− No water needed.


BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® WB is available in containers of 1 qt (1Lt), 1 gal (3.8 Lt), 5 gal (18.9 Lt), and 55 gal (208 Lt). Each container is clearly identified with the product name and it’s respective batch code.

Performance:(Depends of the porosity)
First layer:200-300 ft²/gal (5-7m²/Lt)
Second layer:400-600 ft²/gal (10-15m²/Lt)


● ASTM-C-309, Type 1, ID
● ASTM-C-1315, Type 1, Class B

Typical Properties:

Solid percentage30±2
Cps viscosity40±2
Moisture loss unit, ASTM-C-309, @72hrs Lb/ft² (Kg/m²)<0.4 (0.08)
Performance range ASTM-C156, ft²/gal (m²/Lt)7.5 (300)
Alkaline resistance (Hours), minimum>75
Atmospheric action waste (Days)>28
Salt spray 5% @ 35°C (95°C)>750
UV ray resistance, 2500 angstroms (1,000hrs)no yellowing
VOC max. (gr/Lt)<170

Complies with:
● ASTM-C-309 — Yes
● ASTM-C-1315 — Yes


Degrease and clean surfaces of all existing contaminants. Moisten the concrete and remove any accumulated water immediately prior to application. Apply two uniform layers of BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® WB without excess application. Allow 2 to 3 hours between each layer. Porous and worn concrete may require additional layers

Cleaning: Clean the application equipment with water before the sealer dries. Once the sealer has dried use an aromatic solvent for cleaning.


● Drying of BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® WB is carried out simultaneously by evaporation of water and volatile organic components. For proper film development, apply only when the surface temperature is above 45 ° F (7 ° C) and relative humidity is below 80%. Failure to follow application guidelines can result in a surface with the appearance of blemishes.
● Apply in thin and uniform layers. It is necessary to increase the air circulation to improve the drying rate, the properties of the film and to remove the minimum vapors from the organic solvent.
● These products should be removed prior to the application of subsequent epoxy coatings or the application of chemical hardeners and other sealants.
● DO NOT FREEZE. Do not store or apply in freezing temperatures unless properly protected. Freezing causes damage to this product, rendering it unusable.
● Freshly applied BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® WB films may turn white when exposed to standing water. Remove the water and allow it to dry. The dry film becomes transparent in a short time.
● If there is an impermeable membrane at the base of the concrete or there is an increase in moisture, some discoloration may occur under the acrylic membrane, which will be evident for some time due to the slow release of the water in the concrete.
● Do not dilute, do not add any type of product or additional material to the original formulation of the product.
● The brightness of BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® WB film will fade in outdoor applications. Periodic applications are recommended to maintain brightness and protection. Gently scrape shiny surfaces before application.
● In colored concretes, realize in a small segment of the surface an application test to verify that there are no spots. Application on soft colored surfaces, which are exposed to direct sunlight, may be slightly discolored.


Apply with adequate ventilation. Wear gloves and protective eyewear. Remove any kind of food from the area where the product will be applied before starting the application.

Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) prior to apply.


BLENDER SEAL ACRYL® WB containers must be hermetically sealed. Store in dry and cool areas at temperatures between 45°F – 85°F (7°C – 29°C). The useful life is one year when it is in its original factory packaging, tightly sealed and in proper storage condition. Do not freeze.


This product, its materials and its manufacture are warranted to be free from defects under the quality control standards in accordance with Blender Group®, S.A. de C.V.
All recommendations, statements and technical data attached are based on evidence that we believe to be reliable and correct, but the accuracy of such evidences are not guaranteed and does not provide any guarantee, expressed or implied, including warranty of appropriate use or market respect to its products. Satisfactory results depend on many factors that go beyond Blender Group® control.

The user must rely on his own information and tests to determine the suitability of the use of the product, and user assumes all risk, loss, damage, expense and liability resulting from his direct or indirect use, or the consequences of product use. Blender Group® shall not be liable for injury, lossor damage to purchasers or third parties injured by direct or indirect use resulting from the use or inability to use the product.

The sole responsibility of Blender Group® is to replace that portion of the product that proves to be defective. Any claim for warranty must be made within six (6) months from the date of the claim. This limited warranty applies only if the product was properly installed and used in accordance with the instructions and stored properly prior to use.

For professional use only.


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